About House Of Wadjet
Named for the Wadjet, an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, House of Wadjet offers unique one-of-a-kind jewelry in an affordable price range. These unique Egyptian and Asian-inspired pieces aim to provide luxury and effortless style to men and women who lust for extravagance. Most House of Wadjet pieces feature the "Eye of Ra" image; the "Eye of Ra" ensures safety and health and provides wisdom and prosperity for the person who wears it. Many House of Wadjet designs are unisex to accommodate today's urban image-conscious personalities. House of Wadjet's original designs are sure to unleash the Egyptian goddess in every woman and the pharaoh in every man. Every piece is crafted to infuse the chic, modern individual with a sense of love, luck, and luxury.
About the Designer
Born and raised in Houston Texas, Kara Smith's lifestyle is representative of her design aesthetic—elegance mixed with a bit of unpredictability. Kara grew up in a house with two loving parents and a sister with whom she's extremely close. She has always had a passion for fashion and an obsession with jewelry. It wasn't until Kara began her studies as a fashion merchandising major at Howard University that she discovered her love and knack for design. Kara began work on her House of Wadjet jewelry line in 2011. She loves designing for the stylish, modern, individual. She puts her all into creating each House of Wadjet piece. Her line provides contemporary women with utility, affordability, and elegance. In her spare time, Kara enjoys traveling the globe and expanding her horizons by experiencing other cultures. Kara's experiences give her House of Wadjet line a worldly feel; her interests in other countries and cultures inspire her designs. Kara is an extremely giving and loving person; everything she does is to put a smile on someone's face. For this talented young designer, the sky is the limit.